Covering metal surfaces with thermoplastic, to ensure long-lasting resistance to rust and other chemical processes.  Corrosion protection classification C5-M.  It’s possible to cover all kinds of metal surfaces with thermoplastic (black metal, zinced steel, aluminium, stainless steel.) Jobs can be carried through in open-air conditions, on-site. Thermoplastic is a powder applied to preheated metal. Thanks to this, a 250-650 micron thick layer with excellent grip is formed. This is ideal for offering metal a long-lasting protection, as opposed to usual powder-painting technologies in which paint powder is applied to metal and heated, creating only a 50-80 micron-thick layer that offers no real protection against corrosion.

  • Long term corrosion protection
  • Great chemical endurance
  • No cracks, no peeling, no chipping
  • Viscose even at low temperatures (-78°C)
  • Great coverage on welding connections and edges
  • Superb resistance to salts, cold, saltwater, sun, vandals and graffiti
  • Sound and electrical isolation properties
  • Low smoke emission on burning
  • Allowed to be in contact with food and water
  • Thermoplastic colour schemes can be seen  here


Typical areas of use

  • Places that need high chemical resistance
  • Construction and industry
  • Fences and gates
  • Car manufacturing
  • Street furniture
  • Playgrounds
  • Stadiums
  • Ship industry
  • Agriculture


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